Create online surveys with ease.

In just a few clicks, create engaging surveys to gather actionable insights.


Create your own surveys in minutes or take advantage of our fully customisable templates designed to get the most out of your data.
You can easily dress up your surveys with your company's logo, colours and a background image of your choice.


Build, save and edit contact lists securely. Send your surveys to your respondents' preferred method like email or SMS.
Send test surveys before you go live to have complete confidence. Surveys can be scheduled for a specific day and time or recurring.


Access your data immediately with real-time results. Easily ‘sort’ through your data using filters and reporting tools to identify trends your company should act on.
Our intuitive dashboard automatically creates charts based on your survey questions. You have the ability to change your chart type and period.


Don’t just listen, do something with the feedback you get. Power decision-making using MyEcho analytics to reveal potential issues and trends.
Identify issues and escalate actionable items to your team for follow up. Close the feedback loop by proactively following up with unhappy respondents.

MyEcho brings together technology and research expertise to help you leverage the power of feedback.


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Tailored Solutions

We recognise that every client is different that's why we also create tailored solutions to suit your specific needs. Unique workflows, customised reporting, multi-channel, advanced questions and more.

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